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Our archive is based on the notion of “Place”, a concept that strictly follows the latest geopolitical realities – a constant challenge in our ever changing world. The first level of our journey is a state/country. This is followed by regions, districts, cities, towns and villages. The final level is a neighborhood or the surrounding countryside. All data and information is connected with its corresponding “Place”.


You can take a different route following “Geophysical Entities”, which unlike “Places”, ignore state boundaries or administrative units and are subject only to the principles of geography. You can take a trip down the Danube going through ten countries, you can sail the Bosphorus maneuvering between two continents, you can get to know the East Anatolia Plateau, a land feature which straddles regional boundaries, you can cross from the Greek to the Bulgarian side of Rhodope, in order to grasp the big picture, to view this imposing mountain range as a whole.


Everything that has been acquired during the 30 years of Panorama’s activities can be found here: photographs, travelogues, maps made for special occasions such as exhibitions, trips, various publications or lectures, ground plans of buildings, city plans, engravings or old photographs, including the bibliography that accompanies and documents this material. This is the hidden treasure of our Archive. Remember to explore it.


An advanced search is possible by selecting an item from one of the following available categories: subjects (or topics), accompanying material and geophysical entities.