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The archive can be likened to a living and breathing organism which has been nourished by the active participation, enthusiasm and substantial effort of Panorama’s members, friends, collaborators and groups of volunteers. The material assembled in the archive is 85% original and is derived mainly from various Panorama activities and further enriched by archival material and original research produced by members, starting from 1985 when Panorama was founded. APAN represents a deposit of inestimable value and it is our belief that it ought to be made available to all interested parties.

Orientation and format
Panorama’s innovative approach is this: to consider history through the prism of historical geography, topography and monuments. We have focused our inquiry on the environments - physical, social, historical, cultural, spiritual and intellectual - which have formed the contexts in which Hellenism, as well as the cultures which came into contact with Greeks, has evolved.

The database is organized along two axes - geopolitical and thematic - and, consequently, the material is likewise disposed along the same two lines. The geopolitical is a vertical axis cutting across space and determining the physical framework, while the thematic is a parallel axis which runs through the entire program and by operating outside more ephemeral geopolitical partitions highlights long time periods, large geographical units, their similarities and differences, their many-faceted inter-relationships, and their continuities and discontinuities.

The Director of APAN is Marianna Koromila, historian and founding member of Panorama.


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