Carratelli (ed.), Western Greeks (1996)

Carratelli (ed.), Western Greeks (1996)
Form of publication
Exhibition Catalogue

Christos Doumas, Gianfranco Maddoli, Claude Rolley, Franco Sartori et al., The Western Greeks, Giovanni Pugliese Carratelli (ed), Andrew Ellis, David Stanton et al. (translators), 4 (Bompiani, Milano 1996)

Collective work
ISBN 88-452-2822-3

The Exhibition ‘The Western Greeks’, held at the Palazzo Grassi in Venice, in 1996, has been a cultural event of exceptional importance. The Catalogue is an ‘epic’ work due to the fifty four contributions of the First Part (pp. 25-633); they bring together all sorts of issues which constitute the long journey of the Greeks in a foreign world: the West Mediterranean.

Contents: FIRST PART: Christos G. Doumas, Aegean Thalassocracy pp. 25-28. Vincenzo La Rosa, The Prehistoric Background: the Minoan Mycenæan Civilization pp. 29-36. Pietro Militello, From the Minoic Sillabary to the Greek Aplhabet pp. 37-42. Giovanni Garbini, The Genesis of the Greek Alphabet pp. 43-46.

Filippo Càssola, Greek Forms and Political Structure pp. 47-54. Carlos A. Picon, A Profile of Archaic Greek Sculpture pp. 55-62. Alain Pasquier, A Profile of Classical Greek Sculpture pp. 63-74. Bernard Andreae, An Outline of Hellenistic Sculpture pp. 75-84. Dyfri Williams, Greek Pottery and the Role of Athens pp. 85-98. Agnès Rouveret, A Survey of Greek Wall-Painting pp. 99-108.

Lucia Vagnetti, The First Contacts between the Minoan-Mycenaean and the Western Mediterranean Worlds pp. 109-116. David Ridgway, Relations between Cyprus and the West in the Precolonial Period pp. 117-120. Giovanni Garbini, The Phoenicians in the Western Mediterranean (through the Fifth Century B.C.) pp. 121-132.

Patrice Pomey, Navigation and Ships in the Age of Greek Colonization pp. 133-140. Giovanni Pugliese Carratelli, An Outline of the Political History of the Greeks on the West pp. 141-176. Michail Sakellariou, The Metropolises of the Western Greek Colonies pp. 177-188. Renato Arena, The Greek Colonization of the West: Dialects pp. 189-200. Francesco Prontera, Maritime Communications pp. 201-208. Bruno d’ Agostino, The Colonial Experience in the Greek Mythology pp. 209-214. Franco Sartori, The Constitutions of the Western Greek States: Cyrenaica, Magna Graecia, Greek Sicily, and the Poleis of the Massaliot Area pp. 215-222. Giovanni Gorini, The Western Greeks: Coinage pp. 223-232. Emanuele Greco, City and Countryside pp. 233-242. Dieter Mertens- Emanuele Greco, Urban Planning in Magna Graecia pp. 243-262.

Antonio Di Vita, Urban Planning in Ancient Sicily pp. 263-308. Lidiano Baccielli, Town Planning in Ancient Cyrenaica pp. 309-314. Dieter Mertens, Greek Architecture in the West pp. 315-346. Henri Tréziny, Greek Military Architecture in the West pp. 347-352. Marcella Barra Bagnasco, Housing and Workshop Construction in the City pp. 353-360. Joseph C. Carter, Agricultural Settlements pp. 361-368. Claude Rolley, Sculpture in Magna Graecia pp. 369-398.

Giovanni Rizza, Siceliot Sculpture in the Archaic Period pp. 399-412. Ernesto de Miro, Greek Sculpture in Sicily in the Classical Period pp. 413-420. Nicola Bonacasa, Sculpture and Coroplastics in Sicily in the Hellenistic-Roman Age pp. 421-436. Luigi Beschi, Sculpture in Greek Cyrenaica pp. 437-442. Margot Schmidt, Southern Italian and Sicilian Vases pp. 443-456. Angelo Pontrandolfo, Wall-Painting in Magna Graecia pp. 457-470. Pier Giovanni Guzzo, The Jewelry of the Western Greeks pp. 471-480.

Gianfranco Maddoli, Cults and Religious Doctrines of the Western Greeks pp. 481-498. Marcello Gigante, Literary Culture in Magna Graecia and Sicily pp. 499-510. Valeria Gigante Lanzara, The Literary History of Cyrenaica pp. 511-514. Maria Michela Sassi, Philosophy in the Western Greek World pp. 515-522.

Vincenzo La Rosa, The Impact of the Greek Colonists on the non-Hellenic Inhabitants of Sicily pp. 523-532. Bruno d’ Agostino, The Impact of the Greek Colonists on the Indigenous Peoples of Campania pp. 533-540. Angelo Bottini, The Impact of the Greek Colonists on the Indigenous Peoples of Lucania pp. 541-548. Ettore M. de Juliis, The Impact of the Greek Colonists on the Indigenous Peoples of Apulia pp. 549-554. Pier Giovanni Guzzo, The Greeks in the Po Valley pp. 555-558. Pier Giovanni Guzzo, The Encounter with the Bruttii pp. 559-562.

Carlo Tronchetti, The Greeks in Sardinia pp. 563-566. Mario Torelli, The Encounter with the Etruscans pp. 567-576. Michel Bats, The Greeks in Gaul and Corsica pp. 577-584. Venceslas Kruta, The Greek and Celtic Worlds: a Meeting of Two Cultures pp. 585-590. Antonio Guiliano, Greek Influence on Italic Art pp. 591-606.

Eugenio La Rocca, Greeks Artists in Republican Rome: a Short History of Sculpture pp. 607-626. Raffaella Farioli Campanati, The Legacy of the Western Greeks in the Art of Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages pp. 627-633.

SECOND PART: Catalogue of Works of Exhibit pp. 635-758. Bibliography pp. 759-779. Index of Names pp. 781-799. Total pages 800 (29.50 X 21, soft cover).

Key words
Achaemenid Empire / Persian Empire.
Aegean Sea.
Agrarian society.
Ancient Athens.
Ancient Cyprus.
Ancient Grecce.
Ancient Greek art.
Ancient Greek cities.
Ancient Greek gods.
Ancient Greek sculpture.
Ancient Greek shipping.
Ancient Greek sources.
Ancient shipwrecks.
Ancient temple.
Aphrodite Euploia.
Apollo, god.
Archaic period.
Asia Minor, Greek antiquity.
Athena, goddess.
Athenian politics.
Bronze Age.
Carthaginians / Western Phoenicians.
Ceramics / pottery.
Classical period.
Coin, coins.
Doric city-states.
Doric order.
Euboea / Evia.
Geometric period.
Greek antiquity.
Greek colonies.
Greek language.
Greek mythology.
Hellenistic period.
Hera, goddess.
Laconia / Lakonia.
Late Antiquity.
Magna Graecia.
Medieval era.
Megarians, Doric Greeks.
Messina, Sicily.
Middle East.
Mycenaean age.
Naples / Napoli.
North Africa.
Political regime.
Roman period.
Roman period, Imperial age.
Samos, island.
Tyrrhenian Sea.
Urban planning.
Western Mediterranean.