Delemen, Anatolian Rider-Gods (1999)

Delemen, Anatolian Rider-Gods (1999)
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İnci Delemen, Anatolian Rider-Gods. A Study on Stone Finds from the Regions of Lycia, Pisidia, Isauria, Lycaonia, Phrygia, Lydia and Caria in the Late Roman Period, Asia Minor Studien 35 (Forschungsstelle Asia Minor im Seminar für Alte Geschichte der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Dr Rudolf Habelt, GMBH, Bonn 1999)

ISBN 3-7749-2839-8

With her work, based on a doctoral thesis, İnci Delemen brings stone finds (mainly reliefs) bearing the depictions of Rider-Gods, i.e. deities shown on horseback, in different rural areas of ancient Anatolia to notice and tries to clarify the common traits and idiosyncrasies of each. Thus she presents a very interesting aspect of the cults of those indigenous Anatolian communities toward the Late Antiquity – a period of transition – and the Greek and Persian cultural influence. A total of 396 items dated to the Roman Imperial period (2nd and 3rd centuries AD) are assembled in the Catalogue.

Contents: Abbreviations pp. IX-X. Preface p. XI. 1. Introduction pp. 1-3. 2. The Anatolian Rider-Gods pp. 4-75: Kakasbos / Heracles / Maseis p. 5. Sozon p. 39. Apollon p. 43. Men p. 57. Hosios kai Dikaios p. 65. Poseidon p. 67. Plouton p. 68. Ares p. 69. The Theoi Athanatoi p. 70. Theos Alandros p. 72. Theos Achaios p. 72. Zeus p. 73. Hekate p. 74.

3. Dating pp. 76-78. 4. A Comparison of the Anatolian Rider-Gods with those peculiar to other Regions and the Question of Origins pp. 79-87. 5. Conclusion pp. 88-90.

Catalogue pp. 91-203 [Kakasbos / Heracles / Maseis p. 91 – Sozon p.165 – Apollon p. 167 – Men p. 175 – Hosios kai Dikaios p. 189 – Poseidon p. 192 – Plouton p. 193 – Ares p. 194 – The Theoi Athanatoi p. 197 – Theos Alandros p. 201 – Theos Achaios p. 201 – Zeus 202 – Hekate p. 203].

Distribution Map of Stone Finds depicting Rider-Gods in Asia Minor p. 204. Tables on the Iconographical Features of the Anatolian Rider-Gods pp. 205-213. Concordances pp. 214-219. Indices [Provenances 220 – Museums and Collection 221 – Deities 221 – Personal Names 222 – General Index 222] p. 220. List of Figures and Plates pp. 227-228. Plates pp. 229-242. Total pages 246 (hard cover).

Key words
Ancient cults.
Ancient Greek gods.
Apollo, god.
Archaeological Museum.
Asia Minor / Asian Turkey.
Caria / Karia.
Horse, horses.
Horse-rider / Rider, riders.
Inscription / inscriptions.
Late Antiquity.
Lycaonia, Asian Turkey.
Oriental cults.
Pamphylia, SW Turkey.
Phrygian plateau.
Pisidia, Asian Turkey.
Roman period, Imperial age.
Taurus, mountain range.