Sinclair, Eastern Turkey Survey vol. II (1989)

Sinclair, Eastern Turkey Survey vol. II (1989)
Form of publication
Archaeological Guide

Thomas Alan Sinclair, Eastern Turkey: An Architectural and Archaeological Survey vol. II (The Pindar Press, London 1989)

ISBN 0 907132 33 2

This is the second volume of a 2,000 pages publication (in four volumes) and it continues the topographical and archaeological survey of Eastern Anatolia (East Turkey). It begins with a description of the fine Georgian monuments of the Tao region, on the Turkish-Georgian borders, including Ihan, Ök Vank, and Haho.

Pontos, the Pontus region / or the Black Sea zone and its mountains, comes next; this has been the center of the medieval Greek Empire of Trebizond and one of the eastern areas of the Ottoman Empire inhabited by compact Greek populations until 1922. The many Byzantine churches of Trabzon itself are covered, including the splendid Saint Sophia and the nearby monasteries of Sumela and Vazelon. The many surviving churches and castles of this period and later in Pontos / the Pontus are also dealt with. There follows a survey of the early Turkish (Pre-Ottoman) architecture of Erzurum and the surrounding district.

The subsequent section, on Sivas and Tokat, deals with a rich selection of Seljuk monuments; the site of ancient Comana is also covered. The mountainous region of the Anti-Taurus contains interesting Byzantine castles. There are also Early Christian remains and medieval fortresses. The volume concludes with a study of the early Turkish monuments of the Upper Euphrates, in Divrigi and Erzincan, and the border castles of the 9th and 10th centuries.

Contents of the Second Volume: Chapter III ‘Tao-Klarjeti: the Georgian Churches’ pp. 1-45, Bibliography pp. 45-46; see also Addenda and Corrigenda p.523. Chapter IV ‘The Pontus’ pp. 47-183, Bibliography pp. 183-184; see also Addenda and Corrigenda pp. 523-524. Chapter V ‘Erzurum and the Saltukid Principality’ pp. 185-291, Bibliography pp. 291-292; see also Addenda and Corrigenda pp.524-526. Chapter VI ‘Sivas and Tokat’ pp. 293-391, Bibliography pp. 391-392; see also Addenda and Corrigenda pp.526-530. Chapter VII ‘The Upper Euphrates’ pp. 393-441, Bibliography pp. 441-442; see also Addenda and Corrigenda pp. 530-532. Chapter VIII ‘The Anti-Taurus’ pp. 443-520, Bibliography pp. 520-521; see also Addenda and Corrigenda pp.532-533. Plates 1-142 pp. 535-612. Plans are included in text. See General Bibliography and Index to all four volumes at the last part of vol. IV.

Hardcover, pages VIII, 1-612.

Key words
Anti-Taurus mountains / Anti-Torosların.
Argyroupolis / Gümüşhane.
Armenian monuments.
Asian Turkey, geomorphology.
Athenai, Athenian colony / Pazar.
Black Sea, Turkish coast.
Byzantine monuments.
Byzantine period.
Castle / Fortress.
East Anatolia Plateau.
Eastern Pontus / Eastern Pontos.
Empire of Trebizond.
Euphrates, river.
Georgian civilization.
Giresun / Kerasous.
Halys / Kızılırmak, river.
Iron Age.
Islamic architecture.
Kara Deniz Dağları / Pontic Alps.
Madrasa / Medrese.
Medieval era.
Medieval Georgia.
Monastic centers.
Niksar / Neocaesarea.
Ordu / Kotyora.
Orthodox churches.
Ottoman monuments.
Ottoman period.
Plans, elevations.
Pontic Kingdom of Mithridates.
Pontus / Pontos.
Prehistoric settlement.
Roman Empire, East.
Saltukids, dynasty.
Seljuk Turks.
Sivas, Vilayet of.
Urartean civilization.
Yeşilırmak, river / Iris, river.