Akropolites, Annals

Akropolites, Annals

George Akropolites, Annals

First edition
Title of first edition
Γεώργιος Ακροπολίτης, Χρονική Συγγραφή

George Akropolites: Civil official, teacher and historian of the Empire of Nicaea (1204-1261); born in Constantinople in 1217, died in Constantinople in 1282. His Annals (“Chronographia”) is the most important Byzantine source for the period 1203-1261 i.e. the Franco-Venetian occupation of Constantinople and the greatest part of the Byzantine Empire as well as the three Greek states formed in 1203-5, mainly the Empire of Nicaea and the Despotate of Epirus.

>>>> Here the Annals is referred to only as a source. We mention the source whenever there are bibliographical references to it. There are separate abbreviations and entries for translations and annotated versions of the sources.

Key words
Alexios Strategopoulos, general.
Andronikos Mouzalon / Andronicus Mouzalon.
Angeli / Angeloi, Byzantine dynasty.
Angelodoukes Komnenoi.
Biga / Pegai.
Byzantine army.
Byzantine Asia Minor / Asian Turkey.
Byzantine Balkans.
Byzantine cities.
Byzantine emperors.
Byzantine fleet.
Byzantine intellectuals.
Byzantine nobility / noblemen.
Byzantine noblewomen.
Byzantine society.
Byzantine sources.
Byzantine Thessalonica.
Constantinople, Latin occupation.
Dardanelles / Hellespont.
Despotate of Epirus.
Edirne, Vilayet of Edirne / Vilayet of Adrianople.
Empire of Nicaea.
Ephesus / Ephesos.
Epirus / Epiros.
Evros, river / Hebrus, river.
Frankish rule / Latin rule.
Gallipoli / Gelibolu.
Ioannes Asan.
Iznik / Nicaea.
John IIΙ Vatatzes / Ioannes IIΙ Vatatzes.
Kessan / Keşan.
Konya, Vilayet of Konya.
Late Byzantine period.
Latin Occupation.
Maximianoupolis / Mosynoupolis.
Michael VIII Palaeologus / Palaiologos.
Mouzalon / George Mouzalon, official.
Nicephorus Tarchaneiotes, official.
Nymphaion / Nymphaeum.
Philadelphia, Asia Minor / Alaşehir.
Philippoupolis / Plovdiv.
Seljuk sultans.
Serbian rulers.
Stenemachos / Asenovgrad.
Theodore I Lascaris / Theodoros I Laskaris.
Troad, peninsula.
Vize / Vizye / Bizye.