Alexandris, Greek Minority (1983)

Alexandris, Greek Minority (1983)
Form of publication

Alexis Alexandris, The Greek Minority of Istanbul and Greek-Turkish Relations, 1918-1974 (Center for Asia Minor Studies, Athens 1983)

Diplomatic history, 20th c. Research in primacy sources (Greek, British and Turkish archives), many of which are unpublished. Appendices (pp. 320-338) include articles 37-45 of the Treaty of Lausanne; a table with the numbers of Greek Orthodox students in minority schools of Instabul (1920-1979); a catalogue of the Patriarchs and members of the Holy Synod (1918-1980). There is also an extensive Bibliography with citations of original sources (pp. 339-369); Index (pp. 370-382). Published in English by the Center for Asia Minor Studies. Total pages, 392.
Key words
Anglican Church of Istanbul.
Ankara, capital.
Armenian Community of Istanbul.
Athenagoras, Ecumenical Patriarch.
British Archives.
Contemporary politics.
Cyprus Question.
Demetrios, Ecumenical Patriarch.
Diplomatic history, modern.
Eastern Thrace / European Turkey.
Ecclesiastical history.
Ecumenical Patriarchate, 20th c..
Fener, neighborhood.
Greek education.
Greek Orthodox Community of Istanbul.
Greek-Turkish relations.
Human rights – violations.
Istanbul, 20th c.
Kemal Ataturk / Atatürk.
Late Ottoman – Transitional period.
Meletios (Metaxakis), Ecumenical Patriarch.
Meliton (Hatzis), Metropolitan of Chalcedon.
Pera / Beyoğlu.
September Pogrom, 1955.
Treaty of Lausanne, 1923.
Turkey, modern.
Turkish archives.
Turkish nationalism.
Turkish policies.
Venizelos, Eleftherios.
Western Thrace.
Zappeion Parthenagogeion, School for Girls Const..