Draşovean, Popovici, Neolithic in Romania (2008)

Draşovean, Popovici, Neolithic in Romania (2008)
Form of publication
Exhibition Catalogue

Florin Draşovean, Dragomir Nicolae Popovici et al., Neolithic Art in Romania, Manuela Wullschleger, Jacques Chamay, Frederike van der Wielen-van Ommeren (eds), Louise Bigwood, Emilie Chamay, Rosa Colacino (trs) (Arte’m, Napoli 2008)

Collective work
ISBN 978-88-569-0001-9
Neolithic Art in Romania edited by Florin Draşovean, Dragomir Nicolae Popovici et al. is the English translation of the catalogue from the temporary exhibition entitled Steinzeitkunst. Frühe Kulturen aus Rumänien [Neolithic Art. Early Cultures from Romania] which originated at the Ethnography and History Museum of Oltenia (June-October 2008) and after making a great circle encompassing many international museums finished in Bucharest. Introduction “Regarding National Identity” Laurent Chrzanovski pp. 13-17. The English edition includes articles by: Alexandru Alamoreamu, Dorin Alicu, Mircea Angelescu, Irina Cios, Lazar Comanescu, Ruxandra Donose, Yvette Fulicea, Mircea Goga, Klaus Werner Johannis, Daniela Miheţ, Cristian Mungiu, Crişan Muşeţeanu, Virgil Niţulescu, Zoe Petre, Ioanna Popescu, Sandra Pralong, Carmen Sandulescu, Calin Stegerean. Rich photographic material (C phot), plans and maps. General Bibliography pp. 229-230. Total pages 232, large format. Also available in German and French translation.
Key words
Carpathian Mountains.
Ceramics / pottery.
Chalkolithic age.
Danube / Ister.
Neolithic age.
Prehistoric period.
Romania / Rumania.