Asgari, Atasoy, The Anatolian Civilisations ΙΙ (1983)

Asgari, Atasoy, The Anatolian Civilisations ΙΙ (1983)
Form of publication
Exhibition Catalogue

Νuşin Asgari, Sümer Atasoy, Beral Madra, Mine Soysal, Ebru Parman The Anatolian Civilisations, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Νuşin Asgari, Aslıhan Yener (translations), vol. II (Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Istanbul 1983)

Collective work
Key words
Ancient Greek art.
Ancient Greek cities.
Ancient Greek sculpture.
Archaeological Museum of Istanbul.
Archaic period.
Asia Minor / Asian Turkey.
Byzantine cities.
Byzantine minor arts.
Byzantine monuments.
Byzantine period.
Byzantion, city-state.
Ceramics / pottery.
Classical period.
Greek antiquity.
Hellenistic period.
Late Antiquity.
Mycenaean civilization.
Pergamon, antiquities / Pergamum.
Propontis / Sea of Marmara.
Roman Asia Minor / Asian Turkey.
Roman Empire, East.
Roman period.
Roman period, Imperial age.
Turkey, antiquities.