Svoronos, «Stylides, ancres hierae, aphlasta…» (1914)

Svoronos, «Stylides, ancres hierae, aphlasta…» (1914)
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Article from a Periodical

Jean Svoronos, «Stylides, ancres hierae, aphlasta, stoloi, akrostolia, embola, proembola et totems marins» Journal international d'archéologie numismatique (1914) pp. / σσ. 98-110,

“Stylides, sacred anchors, aphlasta...” (in French). A 'stylis' was a type of cult emblem, placed on the stern of an ancient Greek ship. It is very probable that the `sacred spear' which Athena gave to the Argonauts was not a figurehead for the prow, as some believe, but an amulet for the stern. This was, indeed, the position of the captain; it was here that Greek sailors kept the holy anchor and, later, the icon of Saint Nicholas the patron of seamen.
Key words
Greek antiquity.
Manners and customs.
Sailing ships.