Freely, Black Sea (1996)

Freely, Black Sea (1996)
Form of publication
Touristic Guide

John Freely, The Redhouse Guide to the Black Sea Coast of Turkey (Redhouse Press, Istanbul 1996)

ISBN 9754130701

A useful historical and archaeological guide, with much practical information for the modern visitor (not the tourist) and interesting extracts from earlier travel works and other sources. It covers the whole of the northern coastal zone of Asian Turkey (the historical provinces of Bithynia, Paphlagonia and the whole of Pontos) from the point where the Bosphoros enters the Black Sea to the Turkish-Georgian border, as well as the mountainous areas to the immediate south (Kastamonu-Argyroupolis / Gümüşhane), as far as the Ardanuç region of NE Turkey, where Georgian churches from the time of the Principality of Tao Klarjeti (9th-11th centuries) can still be found. For the Black Sea coast of Bithynia and the neighbouring hinterland, see pp. 11-37; for Paphlagonia, see pp. 38-63.

Two maps, a few BW photos and etchings accompany the text. Glossary pp. XIII-XV. Select Bibliography p. 224. Index pp. 225-230. Total pages, 250.

Key words
Amastris / Amasra.
Amasya / Amaseia.
Apollonius Rhodius / Appolonios of Rhodes.
Argonautic expedition.
Asian Turkey.
Bayezid I / Beyazıt I, sultan.
Black Sea, Turkish coast.
Byzantine monuments.
Castle / Fortress.
Cyanean Rocks / Clashing Rocks / Symplegades.
Eastern Pontus / Eastern Pontos.
Empire of Trebizond.
Georgian civilization.
Giresun / Kerasous.
Grand Komnenoi of Trebizond.
Hamilton, William J..
Heracleia Pontica / Herakleia Pontike / Karadeniz Ereğlisi.
Kara Deniz Dağları / Pontic Alps.
Kastamonu, Vilayet / Province of Kastamonu.
Mantzikert / Manazkert.
Mithridates of Pontus.
Ottoman monuments.
Paphlagonia, Asian Turkey.
Pontus / Pontos.
Selim I, sultan.
Seljuk monuments.
Sinope / Sinop.
Touristic guidebook.
Travelers’ accounts.
Western Pontos / Pontus.
Xenophon, Athenian general.
Yeşilırmak, river / Iris, river.