W Old City, West Part (hills 4-7)
[Geography / Place]

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Common name
W Old City, West Part (hills 4-7)
Local name
Fatih Belediyesi
Official name
Old City, 4th - 7th hill
See also …
Golden Horn
Key words
Archbishopric of Constantinople.
Armenian Community of Istanbul.
Chora monastery / Kariye Camii.
Cisterns / Water reservoirs.
Ecumenical Patriarchate.
Gate, gates.
Golden Horn.
Greek Orthodox Community of Istanbul.
Istanbul, Byzantine monuments.
Istanbul, Old City.
Istanbul, Orthodox churches.
Istanbul, Ottoman monuments.
Istanbul, synagogues.
Land Walls.
Mehmet II, the Conqueror.
Palace, palaces.
Palaeologan age / Palaiologan age.
Pammakaristos Monastery.
Romaniotes / Jews Romaniotes.