Old City
[Geography / Place]

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Common name
Old City
Local name
Stanbul / Stamboul
Official name
Old City / The Historic Peninsula
Key words
Archbishopric of Constantinople.
Armenian Community of Istanbul.
Byzantine Constantinople.
Byzantine emperors.
Byzantine fortifications.
Byzantine monuments.
Constantinople / Istanbul.
Constantinople / Polis / Istanbul.
Ecumenical Patriarchate.
Gate, gates.
Golden Horn.
Greek Orthodox Community of Istanbul.
Istanbul, Byzantine remains.
Istanbul, Old City.
Istanbul, Orthodox churches.
Istanbul, Ottoman monuments.
Land Walls.
Old City, Istanbul.
Ottoman Istanbul.
Ottoman Sultans.
Palace, palaces.
Romaniote Jews of Istanbul.
Sea Walls / the Marmara Walls.
September Pogrom, 1955.
Theodosian buildings.
Walls of the Golden Horn.
Water suply.