Bean, Turkey’s Southern Shore (1979)

Bean, Turkey’s Southern Shore (1979)
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George E. Bean, Turkey’s Southern Shore (The Bowering Press Ltd, 2nd ed. revised, London and Plymouth 1979)

ISBN 0-510-03202-8
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Ernest Benn Limited
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Contents: George E. Bean – a memoir pp. v-vi. Foreword pp. vii-ix. List of Plates pp. xv-xvii. List of Illustrations in Text pp. xix-xx. Glossary pp. xxi-xxii. Part 1 Introduction 1. Historical pp. 3-18. Part 2 Pamphylia 2. Attaleia (Antalya) pp. 21-24. 3. Perge pp. 25-38. 4. Sillyum pp. 39-45. 5. Aspendus pp. 46-55. 6. Side pp. 56-75. 7. Alânya (Coracesium) pp. 76-82. 8. Minor Sites and Excursions: Magydus and Olvia p. 83-86. Evdir Hanı pp. 86-87. Varsak p. 87-88. Seleuceia in Pamphylia pp. 88-90. Part 3 Pisidia 9. Termessus pp. 93-109. 10. Selge pp. 110-118. Part 4 Lycia 11. Phaselis pp. 121-133. 12. Olympus pp. 134-141. Appendices: 1. The South Coast Cities in the Delian League pp. 143-144. 2. The Epicyclic Theory of the Universe pp. 144-145. Short Bibliography p. 147. Index pp. 149-154. Total pages, i-xxii and 1-154.
Key words
Ancient Greek cities.
Asian Turkey.
Eastern Mediterranean.
Pamphylia, antiquities.
Pamphylia, SW Turkey.
Pisidia, antiquities.
Roman period, Imperial age.
Taurus, mountain range.
Theater, ancient.