Köker (ed), Armenians vol. I (2010)

Köker (ed), Armenians vol. I (2010)
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Photographic Album

Armenians in Turkey 100 Years Ago, With the Postcards from the Collection of Orlando Carlo Calumeno, Osman Köker (ed), Ahmet Fethi (tr), The series of 100 Years Ago 1 (Birzamanlar Yayıncılık, İstanbul 2010)

Collective work
ISBN 978-975-6158-02-6
First edition
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Orlando Carlo Calumeno Koleksiyonu’ndan Kartpostallarla, 100 Yıl Önce Türkiye’de Ermeniler
Publisher of first edition
Birzamanlar Yayıncılık
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Based on the historical data offered by 750 postcards published in 1900-1914 era, this book illustrates the story of the Armenians who lived in the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the 20th century. The cities, towns, villages and districts inhabited by Armenians, their role in the Ottoman economical and social life, their churches, schools and monasteries along with the papers and periodicals published by Armenians are displayed through a research using Armenian, Turkish and western sources. The postcards belong to the Orlando Carlo Calumeno Collection and represent a part of it (about the one sixth).

Contents: The Vilayet of Edirne pp. 12-25. The Sanjak of Biga pp. 26-31. The Vilayet of Hüdavendigar [Bursa] pp. 32-65. The Vilayet of Istanbul pp. 66-101. The Sanjak of İsmit pp. 102-117. The Vilayet of Aydın pp. 118-139. The Vilayet of Konya pp. 140-147. The Vilayet of Ankara pp. 148-167. The Vilayet of Kastamonu pp. 168-179. The Vilayet of Trabzon pp. 180-223. The Vilayet of Sivas pp. 224-241. The Vilayet of Adana pp. 242-265. The Vilayet of Halep pp. 266-297. The Vilayet of Mamuretülaziz [Mamuret-ul-Aziz or Harput Vilayet] pp. 298-313. The Vilayet of Diyarbakır pp. 314-327. The Vilayet of Erzurum pp. 328-341. Outside of the Ottoman Borders [Kars] pp. 342-347. The Vilayet of Bitlis pp. 348-351. The Vilayet of Van pp. 352-365.

A Contribution to the Postal History pp. 366-375. Bibliography pp. 376-377. Index pp. 378-395. Total pages, 400 (hard cover, 35x24).

Key words
Adana, Vilayet / Province of Adana.
Aleppo, Vilayet of Haleb.
Amida / Diyabakir / Diyarbakır.
Ankara, Vilayet / Province of Ankara.
Armenia culture.
Armenian church, churches.
Armenian Community of Istanbul.
Asia Minor / Asian Turkey.
Aydin, Vilayet / Province of Aydin-Smyrna.
Commercial houses.
Constantinople / Istanbul.
East Anatolia Plateau.
Edirne, Vilayet of Edirne / Vilayet of Adrianople.
Entrepreneurs, financial agents.
Kastamonu, Vilayet / Province of Kastamonu.
Konya, Vilayet of Konya.
Late Ottoman period.
Manners and customs.
Northern / Upper Mesopotamia.
Northern Syria.
Ottoman Empire.
Photographic archives.
Pontus / Pontos.
Prussa / Bursa.
Rug, rugs / Carpet.
Sivas, Vilayet of.
Smyrna / İzmir.
Trebizond, Vilayet of Trebizond.
Typography / Printing houses.
Van, city.
Van, lake.