Aravantinos, Thebes (2010)

Aravantinos, Thebes (2010)
Form of publication
Art Edition

Vassilios Aravantinos, The Archaeological Museum of Thebes, series The Museums Cycle (John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, Athens 2010)

ISBN 978-960-89339-8-9

This volume includes photographs of exhibits and monuments from the Archaeological Museum of Thebes, which is under the authority of the 9th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities.

“…and they we brought to the Museum…” p. 17. The Geomorphologic, Historical and Geographical Context p. 27. The Dawn of Boeotian Prehistory p. 31. The First Organized Societies p. 34. Boeotia in the Early Bronze Age p. 41. The Middle Helladic Inhabitants of Boeotia: Local People and Newcomers p. 49. Helladic Princes in Cretan Purple p. 54. Citadels, Palaces, Archives p. 63. From the Palace to the City p. 125. Cities Evolve and the League is Established p. 145. From the Victory of Plataea to the Destruction of Thebes p. 231. Macedonian Successors and Roman Polemarchs p. 307. Boeotia under the Roman Empire p. 337. “The Changing World…”: Christian monuments and Byzantine artifacts in Thebes p. 361. Myths and Heroes of Boeotia p. 375. Bibliography p. 393. Photo credits p. 397. Total pages 400 (34,5x28).

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Key words
Ancient Greek civilization.
Archaeological Museum.
Ceramics / pottery.
Mosaic pavements.
Prehistoric period.