Akurgal, Ancient Civilizations of Turkey (2001)

Akurgal, Ancient Civilizations of Turkey (2001)
Form of publication
Archaeological Guide

Ekrem Akurgal, Ancient Civilizations and Ruins of Turkey, John Whybrow, Molly Emre (trs), (NET 9th edition, revised, İstanbul, 2001)

ISBN 975-479-110-4
First edition
Title of first edition
Anadolu Uygarlıkları
Publisher of first edition
Turistik Yayınlar
Place of publication of first edition
Date of publication of first edition

A thorough archaeological guide to antiquities in Turkey, especially Western Turkey, covering the Prehistoric to Roman periods and in some cases also including monuments and sites from the Late Antique and Early Byzantine periods (3rd and 4th c. AD).

Part one, ‘Ancient civilizations’, consists of introductory essays (pp. 3-36); Part two, ‘Antiquities’, is the main guide to archaeological sites (pp. 37-352). The description of each site or large museum is accompanied by sketches, plans and drawings. There is also an appendix (pp. 353-367), glossary of archaeological terms in English (pp. 368-370), bibliography arranged by period and site (pp. 375-415), index (pp. 416-421), as well as illustrations at the end (after p. 422, where the pagination begins again from 1-112) with color and black and white photographs. Total pages, 536. A French translation is also available.

Key words
Achaemenid Empire / Persian Empire.
Achaemenid Persians.
Aegean Asia Minor.
Aegean, Eastern.
Aeolian city-states.
Aeolis / Aeolia, antiquities.
Anatolia, antiquities.
Ancient Greek cities.
Ancient Greek gods.
Ancient Greek sources.
Ankara, capital.
Archaeological Museum of Istanbul.
Archaic architecture.
Asia Minor / Asian Turkey.
Asian Galatia.
Asian Turkey.
Caria, antiquities.
Carian people.
Ceramics, Archaic period.
Commagene / Kommagene.
Cybele, goddess.
Doric city-states in the East.
Doric Pentapolis.
Early Byzantine Asia Minor / Asian Turkey.
Ephesus / Ephesos.
Erythraea, peninsula of.
Graeco-Roman cities.
Great Mother, goddess.
Greek colonies.
Greek mythology.
Hellenistic architecture.
Hittite civilization.
Ionia, antiquities.
Ionian city-states.
Iron Age.
Late Antiquity.
Lydia, region.
Lydian civilization.
Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara.
Neo-Hittite civilization.
Oriental cults.
Pamphylia, antiquities.
Pergamon, antiquities / Pergamum.
Phrygian civilization.
Pisidia, antiquities.
Plans, elevations.
Prehistoric period.
Prehistoric settlement.
Roman Asia Minor / Asian Turkey.
Roman Empire, East.
Roman Province of Asia.
Smyrna, antiquity.
Turkey, antiquities.
Turkey, Byzantine monuments.
Turkey, Ottoman monuments.
Turkey, Seljuk monuments.