Mitchell, Anatolia I (1995)

Mitchell, Anatolia I (1995)
Form of publication

Stephen Mitchell, Anatolia. Land, Men, and Gods in Asia Minor  I The Celts and the Impact of Roman Rule vol. I (Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1st paperback edition Oxford and New York 1995)

First edition
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Synthetic study of the Asia Minor interior from the Hellenistic period, when in 278/7 B.C. the Celts (Galatians) crossed from Thrace into Anatolia, to the late Imperial period (3rd c. A.D.). Text accompanied by 11 geophysical and historical maps, drawn especially for the publication, and 41 BW phot. Abbreviations, pp XIV-XVIII. General Index (v 1), pp 261-266. Total pages, I-XVIII and 1-274. See also v 2.
Key words
Agrarian-pastoral society.
Ancient Greek sources.
Ankara, antiquity.
Apollo, god.
Asian Galatia.
Asian Turkey.
Byzantine Empire.
Central Anatolia.
Cybele, goddess.
Dionysus / Dionysos, god.
Funerary culture.
Galatia, Roman Province.
Galatian civilization, Anatolia.
Galatians, Anatolia / Asia Minor.
Great Mother, goddess.
Greek antiquity.
Hellenistic Asia Minor / Asian Turkey.
Lycaonia, Asian Turkey.
Lydia, region.
Oriental cults.
Oriental religions.
Paphlagonia, Asian Turkey.
Phrygian civilization.
Phrygian inscriptions.
Pisidia, Asian Turkey.
Roman Asia Minor / Asian Turkey.
Roman Empire, East.
Roman period, Imperial age.
Roman Province of Asia.
Roman sources.