Mitchell, Anatolia II (1995)

Mitchell, Anatolia II (1995)
Form of publication

Stephen Mitchell, Anatolia. Land, Men, and Gods in Asia Minor  II. The Rise of the Church vol. II (Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1st paperback edition Oxford and New York 1995)

First edition
Date of publication of first edition
Scholarly monograph on the emerging Christian Church in the Asia Minor interior from the Apostolic Age (1st c. A.D.) to the social and cultural developments of the 4th c. and the transition from pagan cult to Christianity, the rise of monasticism and the life of Saint Theodore of Sykeon at the end of Late Antiquity (6th c.). Accompanied by 7 geophysical and historical maps, drawn especially for this publication, and 24 BW phot. Abbreviations, pp XIII-XVI. Appendix I: “Provincial Boundaries in Asia Minor, 25 BC – AD 235”; Appendix 2: “Provincial Boundaries in Asia Minor, AD 235 - 535”. General Index (vols 1 and 2), pp 165-173. Index of personal names, pp 174-184. Index of non-Christian cults, pp 185-187. Index of toponyms and peoples, pp 188-200. Total pages, I-XVI and 1-200. See also vol. 1.
Key words
Agrarian-pastoral society.
Anatolia, Early Byzantine period.
Ancient Greek sources.
Ankara, antiquity.
Apollo, god.
Asian Galatia.
Byzantine Empire.
Central Anatolia.
Christian mythology.
Cybele, goddess.
Dionysus / Dionysos, god.
Early Byzantine period.
Emperor cult.
Funerary culture.
Galatia, Roman Province.
Galatian civilization, Anatolia.
Galatians, Anatolia / Asia Minor.
Great Mother, goddess.
Jewish communities, antiquity.
Jewish religion.
Lydia, region.
Oriental cults.
Oriental religions.
Phrygian inscriptions.
Pisidia, Asian Turkey.
Procopius / Prokopios of Caesarea.
Roman Asia Minor / Asian Turkey.
Roman Empire, East.
Roman period, Imperial age.
Roman Province of Asia.
Theodore of Sykeon, saint.