Konstantios / Constantius I, the Wise

Konstantios / Constantius I, the Wise
Date of birth
Place of birth
Constantinople / Istanbul, neighborhood of Agios Demetrios tes Xyloportas / Saint Demetrios of Xyloporta (Golden Horn, in the foothills of the Sixth Hill), 1770.
Date of death
Place of death
Constantinople / Istanbul
Place of burial
Patriarchal Cemetery in the Holy Monastery of the Zoodochos Pege / Monastery of the Life-containing Source (Balıklı) in Istanbul. Relics transferred to the Monastery of St. Catherine, Mount Sinai.
Archbishop of Sinai. Ecumenical Patriarch (courtesy title for Archbishop of Constantinople).
Honorary title
His All Holiness, the Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch
Key words
Ecclesiastical buildings.
Ecclesiastical history.
Ecumenical Patriarchate.
Golden Horn.
Istanbul, 19th c..
Istanbul, Orthodox churches.
Konstantios / Constantius I, the Wise, Ecumenical Patriarch.
Late Ottoman period.
Learned clergy.
Metochia / monastic dependencies, Mount Sinai.
Middle Ottoman period.
Monastery of St. Catherine, Mount Sinai.
Orthodox churches.
Ottoman Empire, 19th c..
Ottoman period.
Patriarch of Constantinople.
Patriarchal Academy.
Pege Monastery, Balıklı.
Princes’ Islands.
Russian Empire.