Karmi, Jewish Sites Istanbul (1992)

Karmi, Jewish Sites Istanbul (1992)
Form of publication
Touristic Guide

Ilan Karmi, Jewish Sites of Istanbul. A guide book (The Isis Press, Istanbul 1992)

ISBN 975-428-035-5
Guide to the religious monuments, community buildings and foundations of the Jewish Community of Istanbul, and an overview of the Jewish presence in the city (its history, tradition of worship and institutions). Prologue on the cosmopolitan nature of the Ottoman capital (pp 1-12). Synagogues, community institutions, cemeteries, different ethnic groupings within Constantinopolitan Jewry (pp 13-31). The most important Jewish neighborhoods of Istanbul, on both the European and Asiatic side, as well as in the Princes’ Islands (pp 34-98). BW phot material and 7 maps of different neighborhoods highlighting the Jewish monuments and buildings. Suggested Bibliography (pp 99-100). No notes or references. In English. Total pages, 102.
Key words
Ashkenazi Jews / Ashkenazim.
Asian Istanbul.
Golden Horn.
Istanbul, synagogues.
Jewish Community of Istanbul.
Old City, Istanbul.
Pera / Beyoğlu.
Romaniotes / Jews Romaniotes.
Sephardic Jews / Sephardim.