Trofımova (ed), Greeks on the Black Sea (2007)

Trofımova (ed), Greeks on the Black Sea (2007)
Form of publication
Exhibition Catalogue

Yuri P. Kalashnik, Alexander M. Butyagin, Anna E. Petrakova et al., Greeks on the Black Sea. Ancient Art from the Hermitage, Anna A. Trofımova (ed) (Getty Publications, Los Angeles 2007)

Collective work
ISBN 978-0-89236-883-9

Greeks on the Black Sea. Ancient Art from the Hermitage, edited by Anna A. Trofımova is the catalogue of an exhibition with the same name held at the Getty Villa (J. Paul Getty Museum) in Malibu (14 June – 3 September 2007).

“Foreward” (Michael Brand) pp viii-ix. Mikhail Piotrovsky, “The Hermitage and the Black Sea” pp ix-x. Articles: Yuri P. Kalashnik, “The History of the Exploration of the Northern Black Sea Region and Ancient Monuments at the Hermitage” pp 1-7, Alexander M. Butyagin, “The History of the Northern Black Sea Region” pp 8-17, Anna A. Trofımova, “The Art of the Ancient Cities of the Northern Black Sea Region” pp 18-35, Anna E. Petrakova, “‘Flickers of Beauty’: Kerch Vases from the State Hermitage Museum” pp 36-39, Lyudmila I. Davidova, “Sculpture of the Northern Black Sea Region” pp 41-45, Anna A. Trofımova, “The Sculpted Portrait in the Bosporus” pp 46-55, Yuri P. Kalashnik, “Gold from Ancient Monuments of the Northern Black Sea Coast” pp 56-61, Oleg Y. Neverov, “Dexamenos of Chios and his Workshop in the Northern Black Sea Region” pp 62-63, Alexander M. Butyagin, “Barbarian Art in the Cities of the Northern Pontic Region” pp 65-69, Nadia C. Jijina, “The Decoration of Bosporan Sarcophagi in the First and Second Centuries A.D.” pp 70-75. Chapters: “The Berezan Colony, cat. nos. 1-13” pp 77-89, “Olbia, cat. nos. 14-33” pp 91-115, “Tauric Chersonesos, cat. nos. 34-41” pp 117-129, “The Bosporan Kingdom, cat. nos. 42-108” pp 131-209, “Seven Brothers Kurgans, cat. nos. 109-25” pp 211-223, “The Necropolis of Nymphaion, cat. nos. 126-37” pp 225-235, “Kul Oba Kurgan, cat. nos. 138-48” pp 237-249, “Kurgans on the Yuz Oba Ridge, cat. nos. 149-55” pp 251-259, “Pavlovsky Kurgan, cat. nos. 156-60” pp 261-267, “Great Bliznitsa Kurgan, cat. nos. 161-72” pp 269-281, “Vasiurinskaia Gora Kurgan, cat. nos. 173-74” pp 283-285, “Artiukhovsky Kurgan, cat. nos. 175-76” pp 287-289. “Glossary” pp 290-292. “Bibliography” pp 293-304. “Contributors” pp 305-307. The catalogue includes 276 C and 19 BW phot, and full-page geophysical maps. Total pages i-xv and 1-308.

Key words
Aegean Sea.
Asia Minor.
Ceramics / pottery.
Ceramics, Archaic period.
Euxine Pontus / Black Sea.
Greek antiquity.
Greek mythology.
Kerch / Pantikapaion.
Kingdom of the Bosphorus / Azov.
Scythian civilization.