Kozanoğlu, Yönüyle Silivri (1995)

Kozanoğlu, Yönüyle Silivri (1995)
Form of publication

Cemal Kozanoğlu, Her Yönüyle Silivri (Silivri Belediyesi Kültür Evi tarafından yayımlanmıştır, Silivri 1995)

Although in Turkish, it would be an oversight for students of Selymbria / Silivri not to consult this work by the well-known antiquarian and medical doctor, who has also published many articles on this Thracian port of the Sea of Marmara and its environs in scholarly and other Turkish journals; Dr. Kozanoğlu has a profound knowledge of the subject. The brief bibliography on pp. 218-219 is useful (although it lists mainly works in Turkish), while some of the rare photographs reproduced are an invaluable resource. Summaries (of two pages each) are given in English, German and French.
Key words
Byzantine remains.
Eastern Thrace / European Turkey.
Ottoman period.
Photographic archives.
Propontis / Sea of Marmara.
Sea of Marmara / Propontis.
Selymbria / Selybria / Selyvria / Silivri.
Thrakiotes, Greeks of Thrace.