Dagron, «Poissons, pêcheurs» Hinterland (Variorum 1995)

Dagron, «Poissons, pêcheurs» Hinterland (Variorum 1995)
Form of publication
Article from a Book

Gilbert Dagron, «Poissons, pêcheurs et poissonneries de Constantinople» Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies, Publications 3 57-73

This article, concerning fish, fishermen and fisheries in the immediate surroundings of byzantine Constantinople (Istanbul), is the paper presented by Gilbert Dagron (in French), at the Twenty-seventh Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, Oxford, April 1993. The four figures in pp. 62-63 are from the important study: Devedjian, Pêche (1926) which Dagron uses as the basis of his own study, together with byzantine written sources.
Key words
Athyras, lake / Büyük Çekmece.
Book of the Eparch.
Bosphorus / Bosphoros / Bosporos.
Byzantine emperors.
Byzantine period.
Byzantine sources.
Constantinople / Polis / Istanbul.
Culinary culture.
Demetrius Cydones / Demetrios Kydones.
Eastern Thrace / European Turkey.
Euxine Pontus / Black Sea.
Fisherman, fishermen.
Fishing, fisheries.
Golden Horn.
Halys / Kızılırmak, river.
Istanbul, Thracian suburbs.
Lagoon / marsh.
Plans, elevations.
Sea of Marmara / Propontis.
Taxes, taxation.
Theodore Prodromos, Ptochoprodromos, poet.
Yeşilırmak, river / Iris, river.