Uyar, «Panagia Moukhliotissa Kilisesi» Haliç (2004)

Uyar, «Panagia Moukhliotissa Kilisesi» Haliç (2004)
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Tolga Uyar, «Panagiotissa (Panayiotissa), Panagia Moukhliotissa (Panayıa Moukhliotissa) Kilisesi: Tarih, Miımari ve Bezeme İlışkileri Üzerine Birkaç Not» Haliç (2004) pp. 99-108

Scholarly communication (in Turkish) entitled “The Church of the Panayiotissa, Panayia Mouchliotissa: Some notes on relationships between the history, architecture and decoration of the church”. The article is published among the Acts of the Symposium “The Golden Horn of yesterday and today” which took place on 22-23 May 2003 in the area of Cibali in Istanbul, sponsored by the Kadir Has Üniversitesi. The article is accompanied by 4 BW phot of the Byzantine mosaic of the Virgin Vrephokratousa (“holding the infant” Christ) p. 107, as well as two plans and one section of the church p. 108 (the Mouchlio, or Virgin Mouchliotissa, in the Upper Fener, the only Byzantine church which has continued in use from the Ottoman conquest until the present).
Key words
Byzantine art.
Byzantine church construction.
Byzantine Constantinople.
Byzantine monuments.
Byzantine sources.
Constantinople, aristocratic monasteries.
Fener, neighborhood.
Istanbul, Old City.
Latin Occupation.
Maria of the Mongols.
Palaeologan age / Palaiologan age.
Palaeologans / Palaiologans.
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