Graves, Greek Myths vol. Ι (1974)

Graves, Greek Myths vol. Ι (1974)
Form of publication

Robert Graves, The Greek Myths, vol. I (Penguin Books, London, New York 1974)

First edition
Date of publication of first edition
1955, revised edition 1960

Graves’s work covers, in 104 sections in volume I and another 67 in volume II, the Creation myths, the legends of the birth and lives of the great Olympians, the Theseus, the Oedipus and the Heracles cycles, the Argonaut voyage, the Trojan cycle etc., etc. All the scattered elements of each myth have been assembled into a harmonious narrative – Professor Graves was a real poet mastering History –, and many variants are recorded in order to help to determine its ritual and historic meaning. Full references to classical sources and detailed indexes make the book as valuable to the scholar as to the general public; and a full commentary on each myth explains and interprets the classical version in the light of archaeological and anthropological knowledge. Total pages of vol. I: 374.

For the Index, see: Graves, Greek Myths vol. II (1974) pp. 377-412.

Key words
Ancient cults.
Ancient Grecce.
Ancient Greek sources.
Apollo, god.
Ares, god.
Artemis, goddess.
Athena, goddess.
Bellerophon / Bellerophontes.
Demeter, goddess.
Dionysus / Dionysos, god.
Greek mythology.
Hephaistos, god.
Hera, goddess.
Hermes, god.
Homeric age.
House, family.
Myths, legends.
Pan, god.