Yashaeva (ed), Byzantine Cherson (2011)

Yashaeva (ed), Byzantine Cherson (2011)
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Nikolay Alekseenko, Olga Andreeva, Elena Denisova, Denis Zhuravlev et al The Legasy of Byzantine Cherson, 185 Years of Excavation at Tauric Chersonesos, Tatyana Yashaeva, Vera Zalesskaya, Adam Rabinowitz (eds), Inna Shtakser, Tatiana Gabrielson, A. Rabinowitz, Nikita Khrapunov, Anastasiya Zhorova (English translators), N. Khrapunov (Ukrainian trans.) (National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos, The State Hermitage, The State Historicical Museum, Institute of Classical Archaeology (ICA) Packard Humanities Insitute, Sevastopol–Austin 2011)

Collective work
ISBN 978-966-1539-22-7 (Telescope) ISBN 978-0-9748334-2-2 (ICA of the University of Texas at Austin)

The aim of this scientific catalog, which includes 500 Byzantine articles made of gold, silver, bronze, marble, glass, bone, clay and other materials, is to reunite the best finds from the layers of Byzantine Cherson, finds that are housed not only in the museums of different cities but of different countries: the National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos (a museum at the archaeological site of ancient Greek Chersonesos / Byzantine Cherson, near Sevastopol, in the Crimea, Ukraine), The State Hermitage (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation), The State Historical Museum (Moscow, Russian Federation). In that way the book brings together objects of art, of pray and everyday life which belonged to a common cultural environment, to a common world: the microcosmos of this lonely Byzantine city which survived in the northern Euxine Pontus / the Black Sea throughout the end of the fourteenth century; the reader has the opportunity to study 500 objects found during the 185 years of the Cherson excavations and spread to three museums of two countries.

The edition is trilingual: Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Contents: Forewords pp. 13-39. Map of the excavation areas p. 42. Tatyana Yashaeva, “Byzantine Archaeology at Tauric Chersonesos” pp. 43-86. Vera Zalesskaya, “The Artefacts of Byzantine Cherson in their Historical and Cultural Context” pp. 88-130. Illustrations pp. 131-418. Catalogue (Stone, Metal, Bone, Clay, Glass, Mosaics and Frescoes) pp. 419-677. Bibliography pp. 678-705. Index (compiled by Elena Denisova) p. 706. Illustrations for Foreword and Essays p. 707. Total pages, 708 (hard cover) with excellent photos.

Key words
Basilica, building.
Byzantine architecture.
Byzantine art.
Byzantine church construction.
Byzantine cities.
Byzantine city-planning.
Byzantine coins.
Byzantine collection.
Byzantine Constantinople.
Byzantine Crimea.
Byzantine fortifications.
Byzantine hagiography.
Byzantine industrial facilities.
Byzantine jewelry.
Byzantine metallurgy.
Byzantine period.
Byzantine remains.
Ceramics / pottery.
Chersonessos / Cherson / Sebastopol.
Chersonessos Taurica / Cherson.
Column capital.
Early Byzantine buildings.
Early Byzantine period.
Ecclesiastical art.
Ecclesiastical buildings.
Euxine Pontus / Black Sea.
Grave slabs.
Inscription / inscriptions.
Late Antiquity.
Late Byzantine period.
Middle Byzantine period.
Mosaic pavements.
Phokas, saint / Phocas, saint.
Portable icon.
Prokonnesos / Proconnesus / Marmaras, island / Marmara Adası.
Sinope / Sinop.
Zeno, emperor.