Jewish Cemetery of Adrianople

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Common name
Jewish Cemetery of Adrianople
Local name
Yahudi Mezarlığı (widely known by mistake as “Rum Mezarlığı”)
Official name
Cemetery of the Jewish Community of Adrianople / Edirne
1.Murat Mahallesi 22030 Edirne
Useful information
It is located south of the city between the university campus (Trakya Üniversitesi) and the Sinan Stadium (Mimar Sinan Spor Salonu) but it is completely destroyed (see photos from April 1996: a few tombstones).
>>>> By mistake all modern city-maps which mention the place write in Turkish or English “Greek Cemetery / Rum Mezarlığı” instead of Jewish. Is it a way to protect it from vandalism or just wrong information?
Key words
Adrianople / Edirne.
Destruction of monuments.
Eastern Thrace / European Turkey.
Grave slabs.
Human rights – violations.
Inscription / inscriptions.
Jewish community.
Jews of the East / Levant.
Twentieth century.